About TypeCon

sotalogoAbout TypeCon and How to Get There

TypeCon is extremely affordable, offering five days of workshops, presentations, panel discussions, exhibitions, and special events. TypeCon2005 features New York names like Gail Anderson, Peter Bain, Ed Benguiat, Louise Fili, Alexander Isley, Paula Scher, and Jakob Trollb├Ąck. Presenters from outside North America include Neville Brody, Dave Farey, Mario Feliciano, Alessio Leonardi, Erik Spiekermann, and Strange Attractors.

Topics for TypeCon2005 will include typography and design for publications, graffiti and tattoo lettering, blackletter typography, the work of Eric Gill, design education, calligraphy, and type in motion. TypeCon2005 will feature the premiere of the second annual Typophile Film Festival, and the openings of exhibitions from the TDC, SOTA, and FontShop International.

Transportation in NYC!

New York is easy to get around. It’s hot and sticky this time of year, so if you’re a delicate flower, don’t plan on walking to Parsons from the Roosevelt every day. Cabs are plentiful, and can take 4 people at a time. A cab share will cost about $2-3 per person each way with 3-4 people in the cab. The subway is another great option. Get a metro pass for a week for $24, which gives you unlimited rides.

Click here for the route from the Roosevelt Hotel to the main conference site at Parsons/New School:
HOP STOP can help you get all around town. Check it out!

Typeradio will be on the air at TypeCon2005!

TypeCon2005 is pleased to announce the European crew of Typeradio will cover Type Week in New York, live from TypeCon2005 headquarters at Parsons. Typeradio will feature four days of interviews, music, radio programs, and newsflashes from inside the type world. The Typeradio crew will broadcast live through the internet straight from the conference! Stay tuned to Typeradio starting July 20.

From our friends at Typeradio:
“Typeradio is not a stiff multinational enterprise, but a small, flexible project that requires your participation!

In the midst of preparing and packing their stuff, radio hosts Donald Beekman and Liza Enebeis are curious about your ideas. If you have good stories, news, sound, or anything else which you think is interesting for Typeradio, please email Donald and Liza immediately at info@typeradio.org. Your ideas and help are highly appreciated.”

PS: If your friends are not able to make it to New York, tell them to tune in July 20 to Typeradio!